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Root For Citizen Congressman

Root Routledge Photo

Root Routledge

Candidate for Congress, U.S. House of Representatives
Colorado Congressional District 3
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2-Page Color Flier with "Healthy Democracy" Summary

Root For Bernie!

Root was elected by Colorado CD3 delegates in 2016
as Democratic National Delegate for Bernie Sanders, 2016 Presidential Candidate

Watch this 37 second Video of Root's comments to a cheering CD3 Assembly crowd of 350 delegates—TWO YEARS AGO—April 16, 2016
Unapologetic supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders policies — BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT 2020!

TWO YEARS LATER: Root Routledge is running for the Colorado Congressional District 3 U.S. House of Representatives!
The seat currently held by Republican Scott Tipton — Time to elect a genuine PROGRESSIVE who cares about Colorado, our people and America's future!

Please help out Root's campaign with a donation of any amount — we need funds to do this — Thanks so much!

Root For Citizen Congressman

No choice? Tired of top-down establishment preferences dictated by the DNC/DCCC and others? What about letting the people decide democratically?

Caucus for, support, and vote as an Assembly Delegate for Root Routledge

  • Independent Progressive Democrat — Representing and serving people; not corporate establishment billionaires and their lobbyists
  • Authentic Leader — Independent of national Party "don't offend anyone" politics; independent of DNC/DCCC — Leading with vision, conviction
  • Building a New Democratic Party — Assertively progressive, transparent, open, fair, inclusive and inviting—a Party for the Future
  • Grassroots Campaign — No corporate or PAC money; individual contributions only—every little bit helps, please help with what you can
  • Patriotic Vision — Integrity with a focus on the needs and wellbeing of ordinary Americans; and the common good for our country
  • Strategic PrioritiesGateway issues first for a viable American future; then We The People will have the chance to take care of the rest
    • Healthy DemocracyEqual citizen participation: Make "one-person—one-vote" mean something and count
    • Healthy PopulationMedicare for All: Comprehensive health care is a right; not a privilege!
    • Healthy EnvironmentFee and Dividend on Carbon: Shift the economy in favor of carbon-independent engery choices
    • Healthy EconomyMust work for everyone: Public investment in our future funded by a public bank—education, jobs & a livable wage
  • Protect the Colorado we Love — Public lands, clean environment, water conservation, rural needs, strong local economy, fund fire fighters

A Military Veteran
with Grit

C-141 Photo
Navigator on C-141 Aircraft
Strategic Global Airlift
C-141 Photo
Tactical Combat Airlift — Troops
Paratrooper Drop
C-141 Photo
U.S. Army Airborne Troops
Loading Up — Ready for Combat
C-141 Photo
Tactical Combat Airlift — Supply
Cargo Drop
Navigator on EC-47 Aircraft
Tactical Military Intelligence
—Enemy Radio Transmissions—
Listen, Find and Locate the enemy
Break codes and interpret messages
for real-time military response
Captain Root Routledge
Captain Root Routledge
Vietnam Combat Veteran
170 Combat Flight Missions
2360 Flight Hours (630 Combat) Distinguished Flying Cross

A Problem Solver Who Knows Systems

Here's a summary of how Root is looking at our Healthy Democracy problems
— and policies to address them. This is the type of insight he'll bring to Congress.

Strategic Vision for a Viable American Future

The Strategic Vision for a Viable American Future poster below summarizes the platform Root is running on. Root is focused on the big picture strategic threats—gateway issues—that undermine our potential for a viable healthy future.

Click on the poster below to go to the 4th Edition of The Unheard Herald to see more. Download the poster, and check out the associated webpage material. There are more photos, with a few short stories about military veterans.
It includes a short 1:07 video of our July 4th, 2017, parade, where this poster was carried and displayed by Vietnam Vets and an Afghanistan Vet.

You can also access, read and download the associated "pdf book edition", a work in progress that undergirds the points on the poster, and tells the story behind the poster, including opening introductory material, the values behind the vision, and the facts and analysis that support the vision.

Open letter with a moral story of truth for our time

The pdf book's subtitle is "Open letter with a moral story of truth for our time".
It is written in a readable 3-column newspaper format, with a conversational style and lots of images, as a respectful "Dear Mr President" open letter-essay.
Root started this book last year on February 6, 2017. Currently it is at 164 pages, complete through the "Healthy Democracy" section, with more to come soon.
Although the 4th Edition publication date is 11-07-2017, this book is a work in progress and updates will be added and annouced as they are completed.
Please get on our email list-serve below to be notified when these major new book sections are added and uploaded:
Healthy Population, Healthy Environment, and Healthy Economy.

Also, folks; this is a grassroots campaign and we really need your financial support as well. So please check below how to help out.
Our main use of funds will be for travel, communications, some operating and event services, and campaign materials and equipment. NO TV ADS! NO DCCC.
We're running a low-budget campaign, but we need some bucks now. We're grateful for any amount you can afford to contribute to help get us going.
It's easy to do with ActBlue. And many thanks go to you.


National Election Process

What's happening to our "democratic" elections?

A Westerner Who
Means Business

Root by Tepee
Root has owned horses in
Colorado and Montana
— Gathered cattle on horseback
in mountains of Eastern Oregon
— Collected range and pasture
plant data, analyzing bison and
cattle grazing impacts in
Western and Eastern Colorado
Root on horseback
Out with Sundown on the trail
— Packed & hitched Sawbuck &
Decker pack saddles
— Done horse shoeing
Chip Truck Speckal Purse
Root with wife Darlene, c1983
Co-owners of Big 20 Stables
Entered race horses in the
Western Montana State Fair
A Win—"Chip Truck Special Purse"
Chip Truck Speckal Purse
Big 20 Stables wins another one!
Root Industrial Consultant
Root Routledge, PhD
Founder of Alpine Analytics
Industrial Consultant—Data Analytics
Former Hewlett Packard Printer
Division Manufacturing Engineer

4th Edition 2017-11-07: Book pdf file (164 pages)
Strategic Vision for a Viable American Future — Open letter with a moral story of truth for our time

(Adobe Reader hint: If you click on an internal reference in the pdf document to go look at the referenced item on another page; "Alt-LeftArrow" brings you back to where you were.)

A Call Out to County Delegates

Get FIRED UP to take back your country! Now that the Precinct Caucuses are over, County Delegates are faced with a decision about running to be a Congressional District Delegate (CD3) and perhaps State Delegate (there's two separate roles); and who they will support to take on this disaster in Washington. I'm asking you to withhold your judgment and early support—because your role is to serve the needs of our future with your choice as a delegate. I'm asking you to pause and look deeper at the choices; not to vote on mere likability or your fears about beating the Republicans.

If you'll help me get there, be assured that I'm not going to Washington to "reach across the aisle." I'm going there to fight this Republican wrecking crew and take back our country! I need DELEGATES who are as fired up as I am about taking OUR country back! Starting with retiring the failed Republican Rep Scott Tipton.

What I'm about is representing and serving PEOPLE — not establishment corporate lobbyists. We've known for too long that Republicans vote the way the money tells them to vote; and corporate lobbyists write their legislation. What else do you need to know?

Democratic Political Landscape: Let's be honest about who's running to be on the Democratic ticket in November. We have two fine "early starter" candidates: One is an experienced state politician and legislator, who knows the process details of how state bills become law and she works well with others. The other is an experienced lawyer who grew up on a ranch in northern Colorado and is promoting his western heritage to appeal to conservatives in our district. And he's well spoken and knows the local issues landscape. I've met and spoken with them both and they are very nice people.

Washington is very well represented by people with that kind of professional experience; but apparently not many problem solvers. It's not just about having an opinion on issues. The wash list of contentious issues and media-grabbing antics of the day is endless; but we seem to get nowhere. We spin our wheels on interests and personalities; while there's no focus on strategic issues that affect the very viability of our country's future.

A Patriotic Westerner with a Vision for the Future: I'm a Westerner through-and-through. In my brief bio I share some of my life with you. So I care deeply about protecting the Colorado we know and love — Our public lands, a clean environment, water conservation, rural needs, strong local economy, renewable energy, and fully funding wildland fire fighters because the fire seasons are only going to get worse.

But that's not enough; we need to go further because the future viability of our country is at risk. As a non-traditional "citizen candidate" for Colorado's Congressional District 3 my focus is on "strategic gateway issues" and the values behind them that bind us together as a country. My vision is deeply patriotic because it focuses on the wellbeing of our people, our common good as a country, and a viable future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and their posterity.

We are fast losing our country, folks. We seem to be a country in reverse—politically, socially, economically, environmentally and morally. If we all just stand by and watch, observe and complain about things—but do nothing about it—we will witness the ultimate demise of our democracy. While undemocratic forces pose strategic threats to a healthy democracy, Wall Street billionaire oligarchs continue to seize ever more power and control over our values, our society, our government, and our very  life's freedom.

The spirit of America and the norms of civic trust in our society and its institutions are at risk. That's what the common good is all about—the pool of trust in our ideals and shared values built up over generations—and that very common good continues to be eroded and exploited. If there is no common good, there is no society—it breaks down. These things make up our core identity as a nation and the good we hold in common as Americans. Truth itself is a common good; as is our mutual compassion and concern for each other.

Let’s turn the corner for America. Don't just stop and assume someone else will take care of it. Then, if you're up to it and like being fired up to take back your country, run to be a delegate at your Congressional District Assembly and State Assembly.

This is where the final candidate decisions are actually made for Congressional and State political offices at our Colorado State level; you need to be there as a delegate if you want your say to be heard, rather than someone elses—so go for it! This very thinking is what took me from just showing up at my Precinct Caucus in 2016 and saying something about Bernie. I didn't know how it all worked, and I didn't expect it to take me all the way to Philadephia as a National Democratic Delegate.

Root is running for Congress in Colorado’s Congressional District 3. Lots of you may have already supported, contributed, even "committed" to early-starter candidates; but that's tentative since you didn't yet know what all the choices are. Not only that, Independent and Unaffiliated voters are about a third of our electorate and, although they can't vote for the Democratic candidate in the Assembly process; they sure can in the Primary and General Election in November.

The democratic process is still underway, regardless of whether some candidates start earlier or, like me, jump in later with a more substantial offering. By state Democratic Party rules, no one is pledged or bound by having an early preference—in particular when one candidate has the audacity to claim they "won the precinct straw poll." You can change your mind at any time before, during, or after the caucuses all the way up to the final delegate vote at the District and State Assemblies.

If you like my values and my vision, I’m asking you to run to be a CD3 District delegate and support my candidacy for Congress in that final Assembly vote—after you've actually had a chance to hear each of us speak at the Assembly. Then decide.

Democracy is fragile. It requires all of us to protect and nurture it. We need to take our country back; we need to make it healthy. We are a nation in crisis. All of this affects Colorado and our Congressional Third District. That's why I'm running for Congress.


Root For Citizen Congressman

In solidarity for a viable American future

Root's Western working family life—sharing a brief biography

(with links to family photo collages)

Mechanical home-shop generational roots & UAW union laborer

I grew up in a mechanically oriented working family and machine shop environment. My grandfather P.H. Routledge, who was born in 1895, was a railroad engineer and machinist. In the 1920s as a small town businessman he owned a garage and shop called Routledge Motors, in Mission City, B.C., and he was also the town's Ford dealer. He and my dad Jim Routledge, as a kid, built a fully working ridable-scale steam locomotive, machining all its parts in their shop. Finished in 1941 as the War began, P.H. ran the scaled train on tracks laid out at a nearby provincial B.C. park, hauling around kids by the lake, with the little bit of change he charged going for the benefit of the Red Cross.

After returning from World War II as a Lancaster bomber flight-line engine mechanic and engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, my father and his brother Jack, who flew missions as a Lancaster tail gunner, started a bus line in Mission City, the town they grew up in. My dad and mom, who sold tickets and did the office work, were living in the small unit above the depot when I was born in 1946. Child care was a baby basket by the counter. Uncle Jack later went on to a long and honorable police career with the Canadian RCMP, starting as a night beat COP and retiring as RCMP's Chief Superintendent, which I wrote about when honoring our local Durango police officers, Memorial Day, 2016. Later we moved to the mining and smelting town of Trail, B.C., where dad drove an oil delivery truck when most houses where heated by oil.

Then after home study, dad got a job as a "hands-on" industrial engineer working on big off-highway equipment, which took us from Canada to the U.S. With only a high school education, he later went on to be a Kenworth Trucks plant engineer, then plant manager, and eventually the managing director of the Kenworth Australia divison. My mom, Doreen Routledge, who is doing well at 90-years old, was in retail sales at various stores, including JC Penny and Nordstroms in the Seattle area. My brother Jimmy became a dentist, who unfortunately in 2002 was killed in an auto accident.

In my high school years of the early 1960s I was repairing cars, machining parts, and rebuilding engines and transmission. We rebuilt and then installed a 1940 Ford flathead V-8 engine in the small family 18' cabin cruiser boat, we also built made of wood and fiberglass. It had a custom hydraulic-driven inboard-outboard propeller drive system we designed, machining all the parts need to integrate the various manufactured components, and built it all in our home shop.

In the 1960s I worked as a UAW union mechanic on the assembly-line building big Kenworth Trucks in Seattle while working on my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University. My last summer I worked as a draftsman working on military equipment designs and graduated in 1968. The Vietnam War was raging, so I got my U.S. citizenship and joined the United States Air Force, becoming a navigator in military airlift and tactical military intelligence.

A Westerner all my life

Born in 1946 at the front end of the "Boomer" generation, in British Columbia, Canada, and moving to the U.S. with my parents at age 7, I have lived in Washington, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon. Over the years I've spent my spare time with my wife Darlene hiking, backpacking, riding and a little fly fishing along the way. We had 8 cats, a german shepherd and two horses! I'm not a hunter, but do own a gun; and I have respect for people who put food on their family dinner table by hunting deer and elk, which is part of western culture. I can't say the same about trophy hunters.

I've owned my own horses and taken courses in light horse management, livestock feeds and feeding, horseshoeing, and packing and outfitting—beyond a diamond hitch, we learned to do at least a dozen different hitches on Sawbuck and Decker pack saddles! And, I could put a horse shoe back on, if I had to on the trail! I've loaded many tons of hay from the field; it was cheaper to pick it up in the field. All this while studying Range Management and Natural Resource Ecology at Colorado State University in the 1970s. I know soils, watershed management, range plants, and the problems with invasive species like cheat grass. I've gathered range plant data in the Colorado Monument, west of Grand Junction, to study the impact of the bison herd. I've also gathered pasture data on the 2000-acre CSU ranch south of Sterling, Colorado.

I closed that period of my life earning a Masters in Statistics from CSU, with an emphasis in quantitative ecology and environmental science. Having studied silviculture and forestry as well, I later worked for both private and public forest products and management organizations, including Weyerhaeuser Raw Materials R&D as a systems engineer and project manager involving high-tech computer-aid raw material processing decisions; and the U.S. Forest Service in Missoula, Montana, as a project manager in Forest Fire Research at the Northern Forest Fire Lab, and as an operations research analyst in Long Range Forest Planning on the Lolo National Forest.

Public land management is about multiple uses that benefit the local communities, our country and the public at large. There are always competing demands on our resources. So when we do natural resource planning, we need to know not only the biological capability of areas on the ground; but how they aggregate into analysis units that must support multiple uses. The often misunderstood phrase "multiple use management" is a forest-wide concept; and does not mean every piece of land sustains every type of use. In the private forest products industry, the focus of forest management, harvest and wood products production is (or should be) to manage the land resource in a sustainable fashion; and to optimize the value of the material removed from the land while quickly replanting for the future forest and the protection of the watershed, soils, wildlife and regenerative capacity of the land. In case anyone is wondering; I am definitely an environmentalist who is deeply concerned about the health of our environment, our natural resources, and the very viability of our planet in the future as we are on the precipice of run-away global warming and the chaos and disruption associated with climate change.

Horses and Cattle

In the early 1980s Darlene and I were co-owners with others of "Big 20 Stables" in Missoula, Montana, which owned, managed and entered race horses in the Western Montana State Fair in the early 1980s. We even won a race or two!

I've also helped gather over 200 head of cattle on horseback on a large 35,000 acre range allotment in the mountains of Eastern Oregon, driving the gathered heard down from the forest ravines into the valleys and onto to the 6,000 deeded-acre family ranch of my close young friend of that time, cattleman and range manager Tom Vernon. Tom's entire family grew up on the homestead ranch over successive generations from the late 1800s.

I've ridden horses with both Western and English style saddles, and spent a week with Darlene on horseback (English tack) riding all around the fantastically beautiful rural island of Molokai, Hawaii.

Wilderness and Rural America Values

As a young person I grew up boating and salmon fishing in the Puget Sound area of Washington. My family had property on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, where we would put out the crab net to catch some Dungeness crabs, and dig for clams for a great seafood dinner.

I was also a member of the Boy Scouts. And while in high school I earned Eagle Scout when I was a member of Explorer Scouts. Our Explorer troop was intensively trained with a specialization in wilderness search and rescue, helping the County Sheriff's office and other groups find lost hikers; and maybe having to evacuate injured people or dead bodies. You had to be good with a compass and survival skills.

My heart and love has been with wilderness, the mountains, open range, wild spaces, and rural America. All along the way I've been blessed to share my life with three lovely wives who have thoroughly enriched my life: Darlene, who after her years with the Forest Service was a marketing manager for Hewlett Packard and an incredible classical pianist to boot. Suzanne, a photojournalist and author of 7 books about natural childbirth, midwifery and mother-baby bonding and healing from early childhood trauma during the primal period of life. Suzanne was honored in a 2009 issue of Mothering Magazine as a "Living Treasure". And my "African Princess" Tikdem, who grew up in the town of Nekempt, in western  Ethiopia, and is of the Oromo people in the Horn of East Africa. She grew up bilingual with her native Cushite language, Oromifa, and the Ethiopian national Semitic language, Amharic. English is her third language. After joining me in America, she worked as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), went to Community College and earned her associate degree in nursing. Since then she has worked as an LPN in a nursing home for 10 years, and is now a pediatrics nurse.

I love people and community, and a healthy environment with a healthy local economy. I love small town America, which is why I have lived in Durango, Colorado, now for almost 25 years—longer than I've lived anywhere in my life.

I love to fight for what's right; and fight for the little guy, those less priviledged, and small town community values. I will take these values we share and my concern for others and our common good with me to Washington, where ethical conscience seems to be sorely lacking.

And that is why, as a Vietnam Veteran and Independent Progressive Democrat, I'm running for Congress at the age of 71. On behalf of ordinary Americans, I intend to be part of the growing political revolution and populist uprising that is fighting to take our country back from the billionaire oligarchs who've stolen it. And to help make it a healthy viable country with resilience for whatever perils the future holds—for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and their posterity. I have a 23-year old grandson who is a musician; and two little granddaughters, ages 6 and 3. What kind of democracy, country and planet will we leave for them?

Root's Yard in Durango
Root's yard in Durango, 10 minute walk to town

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Ours is a grassroots, low budget people campaign that we will run on our social media, websites, email notices, volunteer sharing and campaigning, local newspaper announcements and event articles, letters to editor, and op-eds.
Root looks forward to traveling our West Slope and SW Colorado Congressional Third District to meet and greet you folks, share thoughts, listen to your concerns and answer questions. That includes people who identify as Independents, Democrats, or Republicans—everyone.

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Filing and Announcement Details:

Root formally filed with the FEC Thursday, February 22, 2018.
Press release and associated announcement op-ed were sent to CD3 newspapgers February 27, 2018. Our announcement letter was sent March 3, 2018.
These are the links we have to some of the published releases:
The Durango Herald: "Durango resident announces bid to challenge Rep. Scott Tipton"
The Alamosa News Valley Courier: "Routledge runs for 3rd congressional district"